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Short Profile

Founded in 2006, Lead International provides innovative and sustainable solutions for apparel and textile industry in the region. Our team has worked with leading Boiler, fashion apparel and home-textile businesses in South-Asia. Our chemical Division Provides specialized industrial ingredients through our global partners in dyes, Chemicals and Auxiliaries. Lead International sourcing division is actively in sourcing textile products from reputed mills of Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. The products include Boilers, Chemicals, specialized yarns, grey fabric, finished fabric, fashion and basic apparels and home textiles.

We Offer…

Steam Turbines ranging from 1MW to 50Mw Power plants.

Coal Fired Steam Boilers & Thermo Oil Heaters, Biomass Boilers, Rice Husk Boilers, Fluidized Bed & Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) Boilers Steam Boiler & Oil Heaters.

FINNFIX is a purified medium viscous sodium Carboxymethylcellulose.


Steam Turbines

Power Projects

Steam turbine is one of the most important prime mover for generating electricity. This fallsunder the category of power producing turbo-machines. In the turbine, the energy level of the working fluid goes on decreasing along the flow stream. The thermal efficiency of modern steam power plant is more high. The purpose of turbine technology is to extract the maximum quantity of energy from the working fluid, to convert it into useful work with maximum efficiency, by means of a plant having maximum reliability, minimum cost, minimum supervision and minimum starting time.

1MW to 50MW

Waste Heat Recovery Turbine

With the development of national economy, the electric power is increasingly tense, while a great deal of waste heat does not get utilize which cause high energy consumption unit production value and severe environmental contamination. We have developed “Waste Heat power Generation” with low temperature, which effectively solves above problems.